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Welcome to Durango Music & Electronics!

High-quality, custom A/V equipment

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Located in Durango, CO, Durango Music & Electronics carries a wide variety of A/V equipment in its inventory. We are a full service custom installer of A/V equipment. Since 1946, we've provided sales and installation of the highest quality A/V equipment. Whether you need wiring for a home stereo system or an installation within a business, a church or a community center, we can handle it!

Audio/video products that we carry include:

  • Denon Audio Components
  • DirecTV Sales and Service
  • LG TVs
  • SpeakerCraft Wall and Ceiling Speakers
  • Tannoy and Sinclair Speakers

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For more information on the A/V equipment product you need, call Durango Music & Electronics today at (907) 247-3131. With more than 80 years of combined experience, the staff at Durango Music & Electronics has what it takes to get you the ideal system that is right for you.

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